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Madeleine Helme

| 3 min read

7 Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Marketing

By Madeleine Helme

7 Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Marketing
We cover 7 tips to help you with copywriting

Many business owners create website copy that they’re proud of, only to find that it’s not helping their website make conversions. If this sounds familiar, then read on for some helpful copywriting tips to help you boost your marketing.

Benefits, not features

The golden rule of sales copy is to focus on benefits, not features. A long list of technical specifications is dull to read and won’t mean much to the average consumer. Focus, instead, on how those features translate to benefits for the customer.

Say you’re writing copy to sell a new smartphone. Most customers won’t care that it weighs 200g and has a 4200mAh battery. They care that it will fit comfortably in their pocket and last all day without charging.

Use active voice

Another of the essentials when it comes to copywriting tips is to avoid using passive voice wherever possible. Always try to use the active voice, but what does this mean?

Active voice puts the subject in control, so the subject of the sentence acts upon the object. With passive voice, the object is acted upon by the subject. For example,

The salesman sold the car – active voice

The car was sold by the salesman – passive voice

Utilise white space

Copywriting is as much about what you don’t write than what you do write…

If we presented this article as one big block of text, you’d head straight for the back button before you could get past the headline.

When copy is in small chunks (like these sentences) with empty space in between, it makes it much easier to process. This makes the reader more likely to actually read.

Use relatable language

“Correct” and “proper” grammar don’t always belong in copywriting. Simply because people don’t usually speak that way in real life. You should write in a way that the reader can easily process and relate to.

Not saying your copy should be riddled with grammatical errors. But don’t worry if you write “who” instead of “whom” or if you end a sentence on a preposition. Use your judgement to decide what scans better.

Appeal to the reader’s emotions

Successful sales copy makes the reader feel something. Ideally, something that will push them to buy your product or sign up to your newsletter – or whatever your call to action is.

You might appeal to their fear of missing out on something, their frustration over a problem they’ve been facing, or their desire to keep up with the latest trends. This article from Neil Patel has some great copywriting tips on using psychology and emotions.

Say it in fewer words

Whatever you need to say to get your message across, try to say it in as few words as possible. While blogs can be more conversational, copy for a website, sales page, or newsletter should be concise and to the point.

Take a first draft of your copy and see which words can be removed without affecting the meaning. Or maybe you can use a different word to reduce the number of words needed.

Back it up with data

You want your audience to trust you and what you say. There are lots of ways to instil trust in your copy, but one of the strongest is to back up your claims with actual data from credible sources. Don’t believe us? Check out this article from Copyblogger.

If your service helps businesses make more sales, show your reader the statistics to prove this. What percentage do your clients’ sales improve by when they work with you?

Follow these 7 copywriting tips to start making more conversions and sales in your business. And get in touch with us at Vitty if you need more support with your copywriting.