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Madeleine Helme

| 3 min read

Useful Email Automation Workflows for Your E-Commerce Website

By Madeleine Helme

Email is the perfect way for your e-commerce company to stay in touch with its customers. But it can be time-consuming. This is where email automation comes into play. You can set up automated emails and just sit back and watch them do all the work for you. Let’s look at some useful email automation workflows that can help your e-commerce website.


AirBnB Welcome Email
AirBnB Welcome Email

Once someone has their foot in the door, you want to make sure that they feel welcome and valued. A welcome email workflow might be triggered by someone signing up for your newsletter, registering on your website, or making their first purchase.

This series should do 3 main things:

  1. Thank them for signing up. This should be triggered immediately to keep you at the front of their mind after signing up.
  2. Advise them on the next steps they should take. Whether that’s to check out a certain range of products, make a purchase, read your blog, review their account details, etc.
  3. Offer them additional value. This could be in the form of educational or entertaining content, or it could be discounts off their next purchase, for example.

Order confirmation

Chewy Order Confirmation
Chewy Order Confirmation

Well done, you’ve made a sale! The emails that follow when a customer makes a purchase are essential. Plus, they have huge rates of engagement, often achieving open rates above 100% as people keep going back to check their order status.

  1. Confirm their purchase. Reassure the customer that their order has been successfully received and is being processed.
  2. Let them review their details. The customer can check details like their shipping address and card details to make sure there are no errors.
  3. Upsell opportunities. Promote related products that they might be interested in and give them the chance to add them to their order.
  4. Keep them updated. Let customers know when their order has been dispatched and when they should expect to receive it.
  5. Ask for feedback. Prompt them to write a review a few days or a week after they’ve received their order, while the experience is still fresh in their mind.

Abandoned cart

Adidas Order Confirmation
Adidas Order Confirmation

Customers often add products to their cart before something stops them from confirming their order. There are a few reasons why this might happen, and an abandon cart email reminder can help you get that sale.

  1. Something changed their mind. Price is often the deciding factor. Sending them an email with a 10% discount or free shipping if they resume their order could convince them to make the purchase. It’s wise not to do this all the time as people can take advantage of it.
  2. They need more time to think. Maybe they just weren’t ready to make the purchase yet or wanted to compare you against other sites. Email reminders will keep you and the product fresh in their mind when they’re ready to decide.
  3. They got distracted. Maybe their baby started crying or their boss walked in while they were shopping at work. They might still want to make the purchase, so an abandoned cart email is the perfect way to remind them to complete their order once they have more time.

With these 3 email workflows automated, you know that your new and existing customers are being taken care of in terms of both marketing and customer service. You barely have to lift a finger.

If you need Vitty to set up your email automation workflows, then request a quote with us today.