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, | 2 min read

Star ratings of your website in Google search results

By Sam Briggs

Feedback from your clients is always important, positive feedback shows the great work you’ve done while negative feedback helps you understand where you might be falling short and must improve. Most times these results are rarely shown which is not useful when you constantly get 5 stars for the great work you’ve done.

However, you might’ve seen lately if you’ve been searching Google for an electrician or marketing agency like us and you’ll start to notice stars appearing underneath the search results.

This is due to Google now pulling through reviews and testimonials from third party websites and even your own website if configured correctly. These are a fantastic way to show the great work you’ve done and how positive the feedback has been. Any potential new customer is going to favour a search result that shows a positive result over one that doesn’t, it immediately builds trust before they’ve even clicked a link!

These are called ‘Schema’ and there are two types of them, which matter to businesses or eCommerce websites. There is one for local businesses and one for products.

So as an example, we’ll use us – we are a business that operates around the UK and Europe but we are obviously local somewhere and since we don’t sell products but services we want the Local Business Schema.

So, we added some code to our website and kindly asked our clients for their feedback. We were pleased when they all gave us 5 stars (we might’ve buttered them up with biscuits first) so as you can see our feedback appears at the bottom left of our website with the schema code written within the code, and in about a week or so Google picks up on this and starts showing it on our search results so anyone looking for web design or SEO services, for example, will see the great work we’ve already done.

Other methods as well

You don’t just need to use code though, there are other ways you can get feedback. Here are some of the common and more popular ones;

  • Trust Pilot
  • Feefo
  • Reevoo
  • Reviewcentre.co.uk

These can collect your reviews, however some charge if you want to put these reviews on your website for Google to pick up on but have the same effect.

If you want to know more about these, give us a call or drop us a message and we’ll be happy to have a chat about this.