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| 2 min read

Vitty hosting now uses 100% renewable power!

By Sam Briggs

As well as maintain a high standard of work and commitment to our clients, we want to make sure our company does more to help people and the planet who might not be associated with our business directly and we are pleased to announce our hosting is now 100% renewable!

We have worked closely with our hosting partner over the last few months to make sure that even though we have taken this big step, there has been very little downtime (look at those lovely 9’s!) and your websites run even faster than before with the upgraded technology used.

As you know running servers that store your website and private data require to be on 24/7 (even on Christmas Day!) which means your clients can find you anytime, day or night from all over the world. The downside to this is the impact on the environment and it’s something that’s always concerned us.

Damage to the planet

Studies have found that by 2020 it is estimated that datacentres usage will be 3% of CO2 emissions on the planet and while planting trees and getting involved with other initiatives, it doesn’t, unfortunately, solve the problem of the dirty energy generated at the datacentre that store your website.

Encouraged by the Paris Agreement we worked with our hosting partner to provide truly renewable hosting. This means no carbon offsets, just 100% renewable electricity from natural sources such as the sun, the sea and wind.

We made sure the technology we use minimised the impact on the environment as well, with our SSD drives that use considerably less power for storing your important data (and also run faster as well) and by agreeing with our hosting partner that 100% of our money goes towards renewable energy. We know we are providing the economic incentive for more solar, wind and tidal facilities to be created, reducing the world’s dependence on fossil fuels and creating a path to a cleaner future.

100% Renewable Power!

We are incredibly proud of the hard work we and our hosting partner have done to achieve this. We found many moons ago when looking for a hosting partner, not many had the environment as one of their top targets considering how much power they use.

So we are pleased to have taken this step and hope our clients who host with us feel proud that by hosting with us they are helping reduce the damage done to the planet.