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, | 3 min read

Why refreshing your brand is good for you business

By Sam Briggs

Our previous logo, created in 2013

Vitty was launched in 2009 as Watnall Websites – a company offering local websites to small businesses in the area, to help them get a foothold on their respective markets. In 2013, we became Vitty Creatives when we took our first steps into becoming a creative marketing agency. Now in 2017, we have decided to give our image a little freshen up. Here are the reasons that we came to this decision; if these are starting to sound familiar then maybe it’s time to book your business in for a brand refresh.

Gain an advantage over the competition
Our business has a face and a reputation and that all comes from our brand. It represents how our customers, suppliers and competitors view us. We see every day in our work how a well-designed and thought-out brand can immediately help companies to gain an advantage over their competition, as well as become a leading figure in their industry niche! By keeping our brand fresh, we are demonstrating to our customers that we are always pushing and growing; not going stale.

Grow and then grow some more
A refresh can work wonders for a business, it can snowball into new ideas and attract new clients – all of which can immediately have an impact in a market that might be crowded. As the world changes and new phones come and go, trends change and fads get boring. A business which is constantly changing, adapting and keeping up with the times will keep people interested and be wanting to come back to see what’s new. This is especially important in our industry – marketing agencies need to be on the cutting edge of the techniques which they are passing onto their clients.

Long term growth and expansion
As our business has grown, our image needed to as well. Originally, we were ‘Watnall Websites’, which worked in the short term for small local clients who required websites. However, as we grew and started design, branding and taking on larger clients from outside the local area, our brand needed to reflect this. So, we changed into Vitty in 2009 and grew as a result of that, and we are still growing. This has kick-started the refresh that we are doing on our brand now as we know that businesses which fail to develop their brand, sometimes risk drowning under their competition.

Does this sound familiar?
Remember that your brand is the public face of your business. When that fails to interest and excite your existing and potential customers, it can only go one way. Customers may assume that you are outdated, old-fashioned and have fallen behind the times, whilst your competitors who keep their brand fresh and update their products and services look modern and exciting. This triggers the risk that the competition tempts your customers away, ultimately damaging your reputation and profitability beyond repair.

If the above sounds like something that keeps you up at night or even something that you are curious about, then start by asking yourself the following questions;

  • Why are you thinking about refreshing your brand?
  • What scale of refresh are you considering? Is it small, like new business cards, or is it more of a large scale change such as a new logo and website?
  • What changes (if any) have happened at your business recently which may affect your brand refresh?
  • Have you compiled any research?
  • Look at your competition – how do you think they are ahead of your business in terms of attracting customers and retaining their existing?

We would never say “remove the referee from a football match” – a refresh of your brand doesn’t have to be a complete change of what your business image is. A refresh could be as simple as developing a new strapline for the business, or it could be a revamp of the logo, keeping some familiar styling and colours that customers associate and rely on with the brand. It may also be larger if your business has grown to the point it requires it, a change of name, logo and involving all marketing material online and offline.

The key is to plan, research and consider a number of areas including at the very least what will your customers think of a refresh of your brand – the benefits of a brand refresh can be pretty considerable if carried out right and done with care.

So what is the first step? – easy, talk to us.
If anything we’ve said sounds familiar or looks right but you are not quite sure – we still want to hear from you. We offer a friendly chat, can show you a range of options and solutions and won’t ever pressure you into changing your brand as ultimately it’s your business. So talk to us today and we will advise you on the next steps; whether it’s a bespoke workshop to establish the specific needs or just a chat about your creative needs.

Ultimately we hope that you find this useful and like the new Vitty.