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An element of our daily lives, email marketing is an essential way of reaching out directly to both your new and existing customers. It has been around forever, but is still a very popular and successful way to turning old and new leads into sales. Unlike the old ‘e-newsletter’, email marketing has evolved so that you can directly target segments of your market – for example, people who haven’t bought anything from you for 6 months or a customer who left an item in their shopping cart – they can be followed up with a quick reminder email. It is a tool that works in any industry. One key feature is the ability to schedule emails for sending at any time you choose – so you can target timings which work best for you and your audience (for example, if you’re a pub sending out a free drink offer, what better time than 4:30pm on a Friday when people are winding down for the weekend?!).

We will build a tailored email marketing campaign based on your business objectives and target audience, with a clear strategy in mind. Whether this is a ongoing campaign or an automated message that triggers on specific rules that we can establish, the email templates we design and create will be bespoke and responsive. More importantly, they will also be relevant, eye-catching and feature the sort of compelling copy consumers simply have to react to. In short, we’ll strengthen your marketing efforts and improve your reach with emails which deliver big results, see your sales rising, and ensure fantastic ROI.


We wanted a new website for our eCommerce business and after speaking with Vitty, we immediately saw their knowledge and experience. They designed us a brand new website and communicated with us each step of the way and even after launch, kept in contact!

Would strongly recommend them for anyone who wants an eCommerce website or marketing related work doing.

Max Carter | Managing Director at Business Appliances

Premier Training Academy - Improved bookings through strategic campaigns

Improved bookings through strategic campaigns

We researched and planned email marketing campaigns that were categorised into emails with specific messages, tailored to the desired target audiences and tested to ensure the best result.


Give your business the complete marketing package

These range of services will help...

Social Media

Social Media

Managing your social media posts so that you can engage with your customer base with a minimum of fuss.

Paid Social

Paid Social

Spreading your message via sponsored posts on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.



Are you often lost for words? We can provide copy for your website pages, emails and social media posts, written by our expert copywriters.

Email Marketing Blogs

Sam Briggs

What is email automation?

Sam Briggs
11th January 2018

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