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KH Physiotherapy

Optimising an existing website to make it sleeker, faster and more user-friendly

  • 70.1% Organic traffic from search engines
  • 150 On average visitors each month
  • 99.9% Website uptime

Who they are

KH Physiotherapy (KHP) based in Kimberley provide the best care in a safe, welcoming environment. They offer physiotherapy, sports massages, and gait analysis along with other services to help customers to understand their pain; providing them with information, education and dedication to support them along the road to recovery.

What the issue was

Their existing website worked well but KHP found it difficult to update it with new imagery and copy that they needed. Their blog was also located separately on another website URL which meant further work when updating it. The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was not properly implemented; in addition KHP had lost confidence in their existing website developers as KHP struggled to reach them when they needed help updating parts of the website.

How we helped

Our key objectives were to provide an updated content management software (CMS) system for the website that would allow them to update more easily but importantly provide top-level support when KHP needed it. Firstly, we transferred the website hosting over to our own provider, which instantly offered an improvement in speed. This was further improved by moving the website onto the WordPress CMS system which made the website considerably easier to update. Other services we provided were making improvements to the SEO throughout, as well as adding a new page onto the website that allowed KHP to write and publish their own content – effectively bringing their blog in-house.

What happened next

We have continued to support KHP, responding quickly to their queries and any issues which arise. The website changes that we made have seen a better presence on Google rankings, and, in turn, an increase in business.

It’s been a pleasure working with Kerstine to provide her fast and secure website hosting so she can build her business and not worry about that.

Sam Briggs, Managing Director, Vitty