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, | 2 min read

Chrome to show if your website is trusted or not

By Sam Briggs

Google has recently released a statement (January 2017) announcing that in 2017 that their main browser Chrome will start showing if a website can be trusted or not. In the post, Google’s Ryan Sleevi said that all websites will need to comply with Chrome’s Certificate Transparency policy in order to be shown as trusted by the browser.

Websites that don’t comply will start to be seen as “untrusted” and potentially show errors or worse become unstable as Chrome refuses to trust it. The policy doesn’t come into force until October 2017 but whilst that’s a couple of months off yet, it’s important not to forget so you don’t get caught out.

To stay trusted and safe

To become secure, Google is asking that all websites have an SSL security certificate installed on their server. This will tell Chrome that your website is secure and will keep it in line with the new rules. An SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) means that any data passing through it is encrypted, making it harder for hackers to get people’s personal data.

To tell if a website has an SSL certificate and is in line with the new rules, you only need to look towards the top left of Chrome, FireFox and other browsers.

You can clearly see “Secure” and the website address starting with https instead of the common HTTP – meaning this website has an SSL certificate and is secure.

Right now, only Chrome has announced this update but you can expect the other big browser giants to follow soon as security becomes more and more important in our digital lives.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the first thing about SSL, how to obtain them or where to put them, your Web Developer should already be aware of this. If not, you might want to find a new one.

So don’t panic, speak with your Developer and tell them you want an SSL certificate on your website. If they start charging large numbers, give us a call and we can find a package that will benefit you and a fraction of the cost.

If you need an SSL certificate or some advice, then get in touch! We’re always happy to help. Stay