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, | 3 min read

Driving traffic online you didn’t know that worked

By Sam Briggs

When it comes to driving business and generating traffic to your website, a majority of people tend to focus their time on Google and Adwords.

It’s a sensible idea though as 93% of online experiences start with people searching online and at 80% of the market share, it’s safe to say Google is the boss!

However with more businesses starting up, this means more websites appearing on Google – it’s obviously important to make sure your business appears on page 1, yet alone at the very top where people tend to click the top 4/5 sites.

There are, however other methods you can use that will drive traffic to your website and over the next few weeks, we’ll cover each one in detail and the options available to you.


With email it’s the same old (and very shocking) belief, that email marketing doesn’t work, yet I’m sure each day you get emails from brands and businesses you use on a regular occasion, that you often read, click and eventually purchase from; making email one of the best ways to drive traffic to your business.

It allows you to directly contact your customers and anyone who signs up often does out of trust so it’s likely they are going to click the links.

Before you can start though, you need to have something that entices people to sign up, an actual working sign up form and a welcome email to personally thank them.

Give us a call today if your website is lacking all of these. Otherwise, keep an eye out as we give you some emails you can send out to your customers in the next few weeks.

Image driven social media sites

How many of us have done this;
1) Sign up to sites like Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr
2) Have the intention of uploading our day out or recent holiday in Spain
3) Never actually do…

From a business sense though, you’re missing a step as over 600 million people use Instagram, 150 million use Pinterest and 122 million use Flickr so having your business apart of it and showing off your great product, services and testimonials from customers allow you to reach these people and drive traffic to your business.

Setting theses sites up differ and there are different ways to get the most out of them but we will be covering that very soon!

Facebook Ads

Most of us, use Facebook. We all scroll through it while watching Coronation Street in an evening and how many times do you see an advert nestled away in there and like what it says and click. It could be an offer for a designer outfit or tips to get your car sounds fantastic again.

Those are known as Facebook Ads and are quickly becoming one of the best and most affordable ways to advertise.

We use Facebook ads ourselves and after launching it on a Friday had multiple leads on Monday which led to new business. We’ll be sharing some of our secrets in the next few weeks so keep an eye out.

Email Signature

If you haven’t got an email signature in your business email address, then we suggest you stop reading – give us a ring and ask ever so kindly for us to create one for you!

Because not only do 55% of businesses lose customers because they don’t trust the company over a lack of a signature but they and you are losing out on unique marketing options to get more business with an offer advert or just reminding your customers of an existing service.

The best part of this is you speak with your customers on a daily basis, even if it’s just a quick catch up they will see your advert and forward it onto a friend.

As we mentioned at the top we’ll be covering each one of these in the next few weeks so keep an eye out. Better yet, sign up to your newsletter or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get updated instantly when it goes live. We’ll also update that post as well with links to each section when they get posted to help you find the right information.

Have a good day!