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, | 3 min read

Email errors and what they mean?

By Sam Briggs

Emails are one of those wonderful things, if they work – then no one really give it another thought as we use them every day and in all parts of our lives now.

However, when emails go wrong, it could mean a number of things and we understand how scary it can be when you try to send an email to a new customer or an important client. That sheer panic and fear as it gets bounced (comes back to you) with an error code you don’t know, I mean it’s just a number – was there an email number sheet passed around I missed out on??

Well don’t worry cause here at Vitty, we’re going to go over some of the common email errors and what they mean so if you ever come across them, you know what they mean and the best way of tackling them.

Error 422 – mailbox full

This doesn’t mean your mailbox is full, it’s the person you’re trying to send it too and they can’t receive any more emails.

For example, if the postman tries to deliver your letter but your post-box is full of other letters you haven’t opened, then more than likely he’ll take it back, try again but eventually sent it back to the person who sent you the letter saying he couldn’t deliver it and this is what that error means.

Error 441 – server not responding

This means the persons email address couldn’t be reach because their server which is hosting the emails is offline or faulty. Give that person a friendly ring and get them to speak with their hosting company or IT team.

Error 510/511 – Bad email address

This is similar to error 550 below where the email address is incorrect and the system has detected that. Again, it’s usually down to misspelling and easily correctable.

E.g. mickey.mouse@disney.com when it should be mickey.mouse@disney.com

Error 512 – DNS error, domain cannot be found

Again, similar to errors 510/511 and 550 but this time is focussing on the email domain instead of the whole email address.

So, if you’re trying to email nike.com but accidently send the email to niike.com instead, the email will get rejected due to incorrect domain name.

Error 550 (550 5.1.1) – the mailbox doesn’t exist

This means the email address you just emailed doesn’t exist, it could be a fake or most times it’s because the person who gave it you miss-spelt it by accident.

For example, if they filled out the form on your website and it comes through as donald.duc@disney.com then chances are they meant donald.duck@disney.com, it’s a common mistake and can easily be fixed.

Other errors

Sometimes you won’t get an error number, just a message which can be just as confusing – but we’ve got you covered there as well!

This means the email you just tried to send got rejected by the server at your customers end because their spam filters to protect them from malicous or hackers emails rejected it. Sometimes their spam settings might be too high, but it’s always important not to send emails with subject likes such as;

Subject: test
Subject: g
Subject: asdasds

As these are clearly not right titles and the server will reject them considering them to be spam.

This errors means your server rejected the email, this most likely happens if your hosting server is down or the settings are incorrect, give your hosting provider a call or send them a screenshot as they can check the server and confirm the correct incoming and outgoing settings for you.

We hope this has helped, if you come across further errors and not sure, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to try and diagnose and explain them for you.

Enjoy sending emails