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| 2 min read

Free and easy methods to promote your business

By Sam Briggs

Whilst it’s useful hiring agencies like Vitty to create your website or manage your SEO and email campaigns, sometimes you don’t always have the budget for that. This is completely understandable, at the end of the day, you’ve got to be sensible and manage all areas of your business.

So, at Vitty, we put our heads together and came up with a few things that you can do yourself to promote your business. All of these ideas are free, easy or both!

Cross promote with other businesses

Before you spit your coffee out, I’m not referring to McDonald’s teaming up with Burger King to promote each other’s burgers. What I mean here is working together with another business in your area who isn’t your competition – for example, a coffee shop might team up with a local bakery. This can be particularly effective if you already have strong relationships with them either by using them for your business or even personally.

Why not use these pre-existing relationships to your advantage? Promote each other’s business, it’s a win-win and can be done by just handing out business cards to someone who might need them or doing a cross promotion which forces customers to interact with both of you – allowing you the chance to show them what you can do.

Get involved with local groups or events

You more than likely follow your local village, town or cities pages on a social network and occasionally see posts about Summer Fetes or charity cricket games. Why not use these channels to offer your services out? It can be as simple as offering to speak about something important your business can do to help people such as tips or tricks, offer your company vehicles to transport goods to the events or sponsor small parts of the events like banners which include your logo.

All will create a positive image of your business, get it well known in the community and generate more leads.

List yourself in local directories

You should always list yourself in as many local directories that are possible. Whilst just one or two directories won’t bring in enough business to keep you active, a combination can add up and start to help generate a steady stream of income which you can then push into other areas of your business. It’s effectively leaving a carrot out to hang and one day a donkey might come by and have a nibble.

Local directories are good as well because they take little time and only need doing once unless you change your business details.

We hope these easy marketing methods have helped.I If you have any other methods – comment below and if they’re good we’ll do a blog focusing on them – of course, highlighting you and your business in the process!