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Social Media Tips

By Sam Briggs

Carrying on from our segment on ‘Driving traffic online you didn’t know that worked’, last week we covered Email marketing and gave some tips on how to get started and some of the features and buzz words associated. This week we’re going to have a look at social media particularly image driven social media networks, which of those are out there and how they can work for your business.

With 112 million on Flickr, 175 million on Pinterest and 700 million on Instagram alone, there is no better time to get your business out there

It won’t work for my business

We know most of you will be reading this and thinking – I run a hairdresser, I’m run a construction company or I run an accountant firm. How are they going to work for me? Simply by showing the great work you do and how you do it, this builds trust and loyalty as well as connecting with your customers and other businesses.

Let’s start with the hair dresser, your first thoughts are mops of hair on the floor or a pair of shiny scissors…not quite.

You can have before and after of your customers showing the great styles you’ve done, for example, taking of photo of a mother’s 10yr old with hair like Gandalf and turning it into one of the popular style trends that Paul Pogba shows off.

What products do you use and why? – Snap a picture and explain why, everyone says that you’ve got to keep the text under so many characters, but research has shown people don’t like that, so type away and show your knowledge. People will appreciate it, start believing in your brand.

You don’t need to be Van Gough

You run a construction company and you might think you need to be creative and have “savy” marketing knowledge but you don’t. You can take a photo of a house to show the progress while you’re building it. A blank wall you’ve put up which you’ve then gone and turned into a tiled artwork of patterns. Do a short video offering tips on how to do simple buy fancy DIY tricks, post that on Instagram & Flickr and have an accompanying infographic that can also go on Pinterest.

Doing a quick search you can see businesses offering tips, for example, Web-Blinds has 513 from doing just that, tips around the home which is something you can easily do and help grow your brand.

Getting creative with your numbers

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the accountant out there, now we know spreadsheets and figures aren’t always exciting but you can still use image driven social media networks to grow your business.

Take a picture outside your office, if the weathers nice. If you meet a client for lunch and got a good dish, snap it – rate it and offer your thoughts.

If you see a money-making tip that can help people make extra cash at weekends, snap and talk about it.

The hashtag, #TestimonialTuesday doesn’t just apply to Twitter, use it on Flcikr & Instagram and show the positive feedback from your customers.

We’ve hoped it helped get some ideas on how to use image driven social media networks to grow your business. Why not follow us on Instagram @VittyCreative to get more ideas, along with other tips and tricks to grow your business.