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Madeleine Helme

| 3 min read

Why You Need to Update Your Website

By Madeleine Helme

Why You Need to Update Your Website
It's important to update your website often to keep it running secure and smoothly.

Think of your website as your digital business card. When people want to contact you or find out more about your business, they can go online and find your website. This website should be representative of your business and what it does, so it’s important that you update your website to keep it up-to-date. This might involve updating your content, images, layout, or the infrastructure supporting your website.

Is it time for an update to your website? Here are some of the most important reasons why you might need to update yours.

It isn’t mobile-friendly

If your website wasn’t designed with mobile in mind and it hasn’t been updated in a few years, then chances are it isn’t mobile-friendly. This can be extremely detrimental. It means anyone visiting your website on their smartphone will land on something that’s clunky and difficult to use. A responsive website presents mobile users with a site that’s much easier to navigate on their small screen.

To improve usability

Pages that load slowly, information that’s hard to find, and links that lead nowhere are all factors that will negatively impact the user experience (UX) of your website. This makes it more difficult for users to navigate your website and find what they’re looking for. You want there to be as little friction as possible for your users, so make sure you update your website with usability in mind.

To reduce bounce rate

Bounce rate refers to the number of users who land on your website and then leave it without navigating to another page on your site. If you have the above two problems – poor UX and a non-responsive site – then users are likely to abandon your site because it is too difficult to navigate or they have to wait too long for pages to load. This makes them less likely to convert, which is one of the things your website should be achieving.

To stay in Google’s good books

Google and other search engines love websites that are up-to-date. Google prioritises relevance over many other factors. A website that is regularly updated with new content is seen as especially relevant. So, by updating your website, you’re improving your chances of being found in Google’s search listings. Having a blog page that you update weekly can be a great way to get in Google’s good books.

To keep your site secure

Hackers and viruses are always a risk online, but you can mitigate that risk for your website by keeping it up-to-date. Older technology and website infrastructure are more vulnerable to being hacked, so website maintenance and updates are essential. Hackers are getting more advanced in their techniques, so your website should be, too. This helps to keep both you and your users safe from online threats.

If your website is ready for an update, we can help you get it in shape. Whether it’s the design of your website, its content, or the coding behind it, get in touch with us to find out how we can help.