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, | 3 min read

World Cup Marketing Tips

By Sam Briggs

With the World Cup fast upon us, I thought that I’d share some quick and hopefully useful tips on how you can promote your business during this big event.

Do’s and Don’ts

The World Cup is a big event that gets everyone excited and brings people from different backgrounds, religions and other areas together to enjoy the global event. There are however, a few rules about what you can and can’t use in your marketing promotions when it comes to FIFA and the World Cup.

DON’T… …Use FIFA World Cup 2018 trademarked logos or images in your promotion.
DO… …Play with combinations of words to ensure that, while the FIFA and Russia ‘18 trademarks aren’t breached, the association between your brand and the event is clear.
DON’T… …Offer World Cup 2018 tickets as part of your promotion.
DO… …Be creative – try and utilise the theme of football to your advantage but without using FIFA or Russia ‘18’s protected logos, words, fonts, symbols & trademarks.

Those aside there still a number of ways you can market your business.

Social Media Posts

First and easiest way to get involved is to post about it on your social media channels or change your company’s profile and cover images to something more World Cup themed (just remember the above in terms of avoiding trademarks!). Use hashtags when certain matches are being played to get involved in the conversation, and just don’t use your social media as a platform to sell as people will lose interest. Just by chatting with fellow football fans about a match or the event itself will have a better impact than just promoting your product and adding #WorldCup2018 at the end.

World Cup Competition

An example of “find the football” competition.


Run a competition on places like social media, such as spot the ball or an old fashioned (but popular) like & share to win. You could offer discounts or free products/services.

Maybe create a World Cup Goody Pack where selected winners receive them and it kits them out with items any fan would need.

Special Discounts if England (or your host nation) do well

Offer buy one get one free deals, limited discounts, free delivery and other special offers that can all be timed to coincide with the entire duration of the World Cup – or only for specific matches.

This summer’s World Cup in Russia runs between 14th June to 15th July and for example, you could slash 10% off everything coloured red and white for the month if you have certain products that are red and white. Or maybe run a quick 25% discount sale for just a few hours following an England win.

Some yummy cakes you could bake for the upcoming World Cup event.

New product (food dish) based on World Cup

If you run a restaurant, café or even takeaway, why not create new dishes based on each team’s national flag. These can either be eaten in house or used as a way to attract new customers in by designing an eye-catching, mouth-watering window display, social media post or even a blog on your website where you give away the recipe to others.

“Quirky” gifts and products

Sell T-Shirts, gifts or similar products? Then profit from the World Cup by offering quirky products based on the crazes or events that can happen at a World Cup – remember the Vuvuzelas of 2010? Luckily, you don’t need to deafen your customers, instead you could use a funny slogan that a commentator says and it goes wild, memes from social media or a great goal scored by England or another nation.

Just please from us, don’t offer Vuvuzelas!

We hope that this helps. If I’ve missed anything, send me examples of your favourite, funniest, worst and most innovative World Cup themed marketing campaigns – or any questions you might have – and I’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.