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Providing multiple digital services to one of the UK’s leading accreditation bodies

Who they are

NAPIT are one of the UK’s leading government-approved accreditation bodies, who operate Competant Persons Schemes in a number of trade sectors including electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation. The business has rapidly expanded since its founding in 1992 and incorporates elements such as training, insurance and legal advice. One of its latest additions is NAPIT Risk Management which provides electrical safety and compliance guidance to ensure that its members meet the correct standards.

What the issue was

Over the years, we have worked with NAPIT on various projects including email templates, infographics and new websites. Examples of each of the types of work we have done are set out below.

NAPIT’s existing email templates had several issues with the design and development which prevented them from being displayed properly and effectively engaging the audience. These issues included: a dated design style, not being responsive on mobile devices and tablets, and issues with some of the content being too wide.

The company also wanted some infographics produced to be displayed in their head office. They wanted to ensure that their core business values were communicated within the building to inspire and encourage staff, as well as efficiently showing the ethos of the company to any visiting clients.

With the launch of NAPIT Risk Management imminent, the company needed a stand-alone website which provided a comprehensive overview of the electrical safety requirements applicable to commercial and industrial employers, building owners, directors and managers. Whilst being stand-alone, it also needed to tie in with the existing NAPIT branding, as well as directing the website users to the paid guidance that NAPIT offers.

How we helped

We have helped NAPIT with various projects, often working on several simultaneously. Throughout the process, we have advised on the potential next steps for their marketing and have liaised with a number of departments and staff, helping to push the brand and deliver their core messages.

During our working relationship, we have generated many email templates for NAPIT based on a selection of streamlined and modern designs. We have ensured that each email template is responsive and on brand; and have incorporated a variety of content and imagery. This, alongside the more modern and effective design, has ensured that NAPIT’s message has been communicated in a more appealing manner and has engaged more of their customers.

We produced several infographics for display within NAPIT’s head office, these incorporated a branded series of posters, each identifying and expanding on one of the company’s core values. These infographics have helped to communicate these values to staff and visitors alike, promoting the company ethos.

For the NAPIT Risk Management website, we developed a design which utilised with the existing NAPIT branding and colour scheme of light blue, dark blue and red. The website was set out to showcase the various sectors that the risk guidance covers along with pages detailing what support NAPIT offer its customers to avoid having problems in the workplace. Also offered on the website is a self-assessment checklist request, which allows customers to check their business performance against various risk factors.

What happened next

NAPIT have continued to see growth and success – due in part to their marketing efforts in partnership with Vitty. The websites and emails that we have produced for them have noticeably increased the number of leads coming in. NAPIT have recently celebrated 25 years of investing in their customers.

NAPIT have continued to work with Sam through Vitty as we recognised continued value in maintaining a working relationship.

Currently Vitty provides design and development services to NAPIT as required, be that small or large projects and we continue to have a good working relationship. Vitty have demonstrated flexibility where required and have always delivered work on time and to a high quality.

Andrew Milner Head of IT